Wonder Day 12.19.14 - anonymous

The most positive change I have made in my life was by doing one of the most negative things. After over 25 years, I moved forward to end my marriage. I finally realized that the relationship which was problematic on so many levels, could never give me the happiness I wanted and the love and respect that I needed and deserved. My daughters were grown and out of our home, so trying, trying, trying to make it work for the family was no longer necessary. What became more important to me was to be a better role model for my girls by no longer being in a mentally abusive relationship, to stand up for what I felt was right and to do things for myself, instead of spending every minute trying to help someone who did not want to be helped.

Moving forward, helping myself and becoming a whole person again was the scariest, most positive and most empowering change I have ever made. I was able to do it by no longer living a lie trying to protect others. By being honest and open to my friends and family, I gained a support system beyond my expectations. I found the right professionals to help me see what I needed to do to be strong once again. I did things by myself instead of waiting on others to have fun. It was a wonderful start to my new life and I have never looked back.

Image credit: Photographer, Ralph Lee Hopkins