January 8, 2014

I was only 10 minutes away from my house when my car malfunctioned and I drove off the overpass. I broke my neck, shoulder, ribs, got a traumatic brain injury, my lungs collapsed twice and I got a spinal cord injury.

At first I wanted to die, but I changed my perspective.

I came back to the university the following fall and have been working my butt off to graduate on time. I’ll be graduating .17 away from graduating with honors.


Drum roll! I am going to walk across the stage.

I have been researching reciprocating gait orthotics (RGO) that will lock my ankle, knee, and hip in place, allowing me to displace my weight and ambulate across the stage J. I’m trying to bring in the community to help achieve my dream, which is why this Wonder Anew idea really struck me as an important endeavor for the participants. I think it would be really invigorating getting some weight off our shoulders and take that first step (cymbals *crash*).