Wonder Day 5.25.15

I want to learn to forgive my mother. 

I feel that if I can learn to forgive, truthfully, I may be able to move on; to end the pointless warfare: to rebuild the family. A multitude of past occurrences have embittered me towards her, but I see recently that she is often attempting to act more just. 

Unfortunately, the environment of my home for the past few years has created a set of defensive walls which surround me at all time: I am now a part of the proliferation of mistreatment. 

I wish to grasp a means by which I can return to loving her as a son loves his mother so that she can fully love me. The change must be gradual, for it is not within my power to simply absolve her for all prior mistreatment. 

The first steps which I've been taking include apologizing when I recognize I am out of line, despite the resentment which urges me to continue fighting. Soon, I will have to learn to drop arguments sooner, eventually, I will be able to forget the past. - high school student, Florida

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  1. This shows so much mature insight. It tells me that there are high school students like the student I was. I wish you well.