Wonder Day 12.30.14 - Karen Main

Making a positive change

I felt tired, I felt cranky
More than I liked
Overwhelmed and exhausted
My busy-ness spiked

I was lost and unsure
Was I really enough?
There was a pit deep inside
I attempted to fill, by doing stuff

I made myself busy
Filled life to the brim
Without purpose and meaning 
It all felt quite grim

My intuitive voice 
Drowned out by the ‘shoulds'
The ‘have tos’ and ‘must dos'
Quashing the thought that I could

Time quickly gobbled up
None of it savoured as my own 
Left exposed and unguarded 
My life was on loan

Then one horrendous day
As I heard myself ROAR
My heart as heavy as lead
I decided no more

I stopped in that moment
I quietened the noise
I then heard it so softly
My inner wise voice

It was unique, it was splendid 
A primal call from my heart
I was beginning to listen
I was making a start

I carved out sacred moments
To listen with intent
Reflecting and journalling
Discovering how life could be spent

The more that I listened
The volume went up
Amplified by attention
My intuitiveness bubbling up

My unique and wise voice
Singing my very own song
A melodious tune 
Wanting to guide me along

I was tentative at first
Afraid to dance to my own beat
It felt awkward and uncomfortable 
Action and desire now to meet

I still continue to ease deeper
Getting to know the primal me
My values, my desires
A gloriously raw and vulnerable me

I made a positive change
To live in harmony with ME
To dance to the tune of my wise song
And be guided by its rich melody

Image credit: Karen Main

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