Wonder Day 12.23.14 - David Herman, Jr.

Our deepest self

We are stars
Gazing through the richness of every night's distance
Glorying ever so radiant
To be seen, to be heard, to be felt
To be remembered

We are stars
Fleeting as we dance about
Knowing nothing at all
Glorying ever so radiant

We are stars
Drifting in the subconscious of day
Waiting our turn
To be seen, to be heard, to be felt
To be remembered

You and I, we are stars
Wished upon as we fly through time and memory's refrain

Our deepest self
By: David Herman, Jr. 
November, 2011

David Herman, Jr. - artist, educator, creative director Preservation LINK, Inc. 
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    1. January 01, 2015
      David Herman, Jr.

      So, here we find ourselves beginning to settle into the idea of a new year. Often, a new year brings with it new opportunities to recapture something about life that we aspire to motivate and grow. It marks a time for resolutions and acts of reconciliation. A dear friend asked me recently what my new year’s resolution was, and unlike previous years when I’m approached with that question, I did not have an immediate reply. As a matter of fact, I did not have much to say about the New Year at all - aside from I want to work harder. However, about an hour later during my meditation an answer did come to me. It was subtle and easy going, and yet I felt its wide reach, not just for 2015. It was much more substantive; it reached across a whole life.

      Life is a complexity. It’s a beautiful confluence of opportunities from growth and expansion. It means different things at different times in our lives. However, the one constancy about life is that it is dynamic and always bustling with profound opportunities for experiences that can be full and rich with love. We have that kind of power within our everyday reach – to give love, to receive love, and to live with it.

      We are like stars in that regards. I can remember people from my past that are no longer physically present, however because of the love they carried in their actions they remain in my mind and influence the ways I respond and dialog with the world. There is a refrain that continues to speak to the kind of person they were. I find this in my father who loved and spoke like a prophet, aunts who where caring and considerate, and teachers who were clear about what education should be. We are stars in our everyday lives too. Our being in the world has great potential, and just to be clear, I’m not associating this statement with anything that has to do my economics - it’s a statement privileging humanity and our relationships with one another. Those considerations stretch far beyond any dollar amount.

      Today, my lifetime resolution is to be patience with my becoming, and to celebrate the opportunities that connect me with others in the world. I’m asking you to read the poem above: Our Deepest Self, and respond in the comment section.

      The question is: How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?

  2. Thank you, David.

    You ask, "How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?"

    Since I believe I transmit myself to others through my words, actions, and beliefs, my presence in every encounter matters. I'd like to remembered as someone with presence, someone living life as precious.

  3. How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?

    I must reference a quote that Muhammad Ali said when he was asked the same question.He called it the "Recipe for Life", his cleaver response summed up much of how I want to be remembered in the word and why I admire Ali as a role model. He stated
    "He took a few cups of love.
    He took one table spoon of patience.
    One table spoon, tea-spoon of generosity.
    One pint of kindness.
    He took one quart of laughter.
    One pinch of concern.
    And then he mixed willingness with happiness.
    He added lots of faith.
    And he stirred it up well.
    Then he spread it over a span of a lifetime.
    And he served it to each and every deserving person he met"

    The satire of this quote makes me smile, but the intrinsic value underneath it is timeless. After reading it several times I discovered that these are essential things that need to be a model citizen to my peers, my family and friends,and even strangers. These are characteristics that I want people see within me when I cross paths with them.
    I would also want people to remember me for the dedication and the time that I invest into my artwork. I feel like god gave me the talent to be a creator, and I feel like it's my job and duty to become the best at it and share my talent and messages to everyone who is open to receiving it. In Ali's terms I want to be the "Greatest" so that people can learn from my experiences and hopefully be inspired by my drive, passion, and dedication to my craft. My family is my biggest support system, and they are the roots of the love that I put into my work and into the world. I would someday want the awards of my artwork to provide me with the finances and ability to give back to my family and be able to support them with anything they could ask for. Where my family is roots of my art, I would want the message behind my work to grow and branch out throughout the world and inspire people to make changes for a better society in general.

    Lakeem Wilson

  4. How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?

    This interesting question brings to mind what I often tell people I want my epitaph to read:
    "She loved God. She loved people."

    My greatest contribution to the world is teaching and learning. When I was an 8 year old third grader,The Almighty impressed upon my heart a burning desire to teach. I didn't understand it, nor did I think was all that significant. At the time, I only interpreted the impression to mean that I would be a teacher. So, I pursued that idea throughout my adolescent academic career as well as college. I embarked upon my seventh year this past August, and I am coming to the realization that there two important implications to that charge I received all those years ago:

    1. To teach is to love people.......When I first began my career, I thought my life would be all about imparting knowledge and discipline into my students. I had no idea that some of the best moments of my career would be tucked away in the golden nuggets of love, knowledge and experience that I gained from teaching them. I now know that my students teach me far more than I will ever teach them, and our crossing paths is evidence of God's divine love, wisdom, and respect for knowledge. My job teaches me how to love people. It teaches me how to go hard after them, not give up on them, and not to let them give up on themselves. There is no way I could stay in this profession if it were not for love being the driving force.

    2. To teach is to love God.......There is nothing more frightening yet fascinating than being responsible for God's children. Children represent the purity, innocence, unbridled faith, and creativity of God. We learn a great deal about His character from his children. With them I must practice the patience, forgiveness, and optimism that can only come from His Spirit. To teach is to love God because you encounter him in such a powerful way that it can only be described as love.

    It amazes me how God aligned my life's purpose with my earthly calling. It allows me to remain faithful to the gifts He has given me while also having an influence that expands farther than I will ever be able to comprehend.


    1. She loved (as an epitaph). I see that as "she loves." I want to live like that.

      This is beautiful and inspires me, Javetta.

  5. I am not as much concerned with my treatment per se (how i will be remembered) after I die. That is for those who witness my life and what i may leave behind to decide and be concerned with. I also do not want to live waiting or overly focused on the arrival of my "future self." Tangibly providing tools and the things that my biological decedents will need IS a concern of mine, but one that i am not concerned for the sake of remembrance and so that seems to be outside of the realm in which you are speaking.

    Life is what happens in between and i want to always remember that and let that idea order my steps with the goal of ENJOYING those steps as much as possible in the very moment that they occur. Because inspiration and the active pursuit of it is important to my wellness and therefore life, i hope that i can exchange inspiration with those around me in the doings of my time here enough to be honored with "remembrance," however, in the end, I believe that life is for the living, and so, my concern, in terms of others, is more about being aware and clear about how i manifest in other people's current worlds/reality and being intentional about that act and choice in all of its complexity and negotiation. It is mind boggling to me that each of us at any given moment are actively living in a thought in some else's mind in addition to our own experience of personal reality. If the thought reality feels good then it is a treat when we share these intangible experiences of each other with each other.

    Actively honing self awareness and honesty--the choices and impact/effect on our environment that we are capable of having some domain over-- with the goal of experiencing the fragility of complete universal harmony at least once in a lifetime is a worthy pursuit to me and i believe it to have the least destructive effect, as a mode of being, on those who i am dynamically attached to and intertwined with at any given moment.

  6. Dr. King said anyone can be great because anyone can serve. I want to be remembered by my service to humanity and for my faith in the anointing I was given to be great. I will be remembered for my impact on my generation. We impact through our pouring of love into those we encounter. This legacy will be important to my family because the greatest of all is love!

    1. Osaze, this takes my breath away (or better, gives me breath). I want to be remembered for my service. That's what you write. I want that too. I want to be remembered for my service. I sign on...

      1. Osaze.
      2. Susan Michael

  7. How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?

    You are the master of your own reality. Each of us has a purpose that they incarnated on Earth to fulfill. That purpose was designed to not only help you individually to evolve, but because we are ALL connected, the pursuit of that purpose will cause evolution for everyone.

    I ask you, "What are your dreams?" "What is your path?" I will tell you that the pursuit of these answers is as important as finding the actually answers. It is through the pursuit that you will find yourself and learn to love and trust yourself. And trusting and loving yourself are the most fundamentally important tools you will need on your path.

    Follow your path relentlessly. Even when others do not understand your purpose or your drive to pursue those dreams and purposes, you must keep moving forward. It is not for them to understand only you. And sometimes you may not even why the inner light (sun) within you keeps pushing you forward towards them. Whatever your dreams, they are uniquely yours. Two people with the same dreams will fulfill them differently because of their intention and their spirit. So no one can take away or steal what is yours. Remember this.

    With that said, I would like to say that I would like to be remembered for the relentless pursuit of my dreams and purposes. That no matter what the obstacles, I faced them head on and took the wisdom from the lessons I learned and applied them to my path. I also have not limited my dreams. As I look deep within myself I realize that I am infinite and connected to the infinite; therefore, my dreams are infinite and connected to the infinite; connected to everyone reading this post. As I pursue my dreams, I am helping to spark creativity in others. Because of our connectedness, when I evolve, EVERYONE EVOLVES. That is how I want to be remembered.

    I want my two suns, Oliver and Quitman, to take the blueprint that I have set, study it, make it their own and use it to help guide them on their own paths. I have always surrounded them around creative people and ideas. They have grown up on film sets, stages, around music and in theaters. What they will do is entirely up to them but at least they can look to me and say, "Our mama, no matter what, followed her dreams; defined her own path and never gave up."

    The path, Elegba, has a beautiful journey with many rewards and joys; and some pains and obstacles. It is important to know that ALL of it is beautiful. Honor ALL of it. Cherish ALL of it. Share it with those who will one day seek your wisdom.

    May your path to your dreams be full of joy, prosperity, protection and love. May your follow your inner light (sun), no matter what others think. May you love yourself unconditionally. May you find your uniqueness, let it serve you and be a beacon for others. May you always love and trust yourself. May you see and experience your infinity. May you always embrace that we are ALL connected, even the trees, the animals, the past, present and future, All who came before and those who have yet to be born. And May you relentlessly pursue your dreams and be the masters of your own reality.

    Maat.Ra Butterfly

    1. Dearest Ase' Maat.Ra Butterfly, thank you. Thank you, especially for this: "When I evolve, EVERYONE EVOLVES." To me this means my thoughts, words, and actions matter. What I do and how I live is my legacy.

  8. Dave: The poem resonates. We are truly stars. Burning. Shining. A composition of the matter-of-fact and the unknown. It's a great prologue to your commentary.

    I desire to be remembered honestly. For many this will take courage. However, to remember me in this way, in any moment, means that one has no room to lie to him or herself. This act will be an act of rebellion which is revolutionary. I believe this.

    Thank you for creating this outlet.

    1. Oh, the "no room to lie" to oneself rings the bell. Thank you, Emotion.

  9. My thoughts are simple: to live free. A man who realizes that he is not free but chooses to accept his status as inevitable is not really a man. I have chosen not to have my thoughts dictated to me by others who don't know me or even care about me. I believe that living free is synonymous with living without fear. I could write an entire collection of books on this subject but I will be as short and concise as practical: when I had the power to remove myself from the control of others I did so - even with the possibility of loss. But in being free I believe that I have been able to touch, inspire and motivate others in the most positive of ways. I continue to do so by not regretting my choice to be free and always looking for ways to encourage others to find the freedom that is inately their own.


    1. "I have chosen not to have my thoughts dictated to me by others who don't know me or even care about me."

      Wow. That is powerful.

      And makes me think. Since I believe my thoughts are informed by my beliefs, I want to be aware of what I believe. A way I've examined my beliefs is to list those given to me as a child by my family and those given to me by society. I rewrite them so they better align with who I AM.

  10. "How do you want to be remembered and what importance will it have to your loved ones and the world in general?"

    I want to be remembered as just that, MYSELF. I want to be remembered for being the caged bird that came into the age of enlightenment and freed herself. I want to be known as the one who turned from everything she was ever taught to embark upon her own journey of truth. I would love to be know as the one person that created her own legacy, and the first of it's kind in the family. I want to be known as that black revolutionary young woman whose passion is seen beyond the eyes of the black community. I want to be known as the wombman who came into loving her African ancestry and became one with it. I want to be known as the hard-worker that began her life with a list of dreams and did EVERYTHING she aspired to do. I want to be known as the lover and peacemaker with the heart of a lioness working her hardest to end white supremacy and the brainwashing of my American people. I want to be known as the one that moved to Africa but never ended her efforts of changing things in America. I want to be the one known for having an infectious personality and mindset that would free millions of minds that are in bondage in many ways. I want to be remembered as the young lady that took all of the lessons from Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. DuBois, Angela Davis, and Michelle Alexander, just to name a few, and ran with all of their knowledge and positivity and actual placed action behind it. I want to be known as the woman that created a new Black Wall Street, kept it thriving, and spread it throughout America. I want to be remembered as a nurturing wombman fulfilling my purpose on this earth birthing more and more civilization and building nations. I would love to be remembered as the person that turned life around for millions of Americans regardless of race, creed, or gender. I would love to raise awareness and expose so much of the corruption going on inside of a free country so that many others would join me in this process. I would love to be remembered as an educator, a giver of knowledge and truth. I would love to be remembered as the person that had so much of a heart that she would give you the shirt off of her back and a place to lay your head and take a nice hot bath in order to go on your journey the next day. I would love to be remembered as the person that knew people all over the world and that is in good standing with everyone. I want to be the one to actually make a change and then give back to every community possible but while giving back to them, educating them on how to thrive on their own, outside of drugs and other illegal activities. I want my successes to be a deterrent, a second thought, a small still voice to all who ever think of hurting someone else or taking what belongs to them in whatever way that may be. I want to be remembered as person that rose to the top and figured out how to bring everyone with me mentally in order for their success to manifest in the physical. I want to transmit so much positive energy throughout my lifetime that it transcends the spirits and minds of people for centuries to come. I want to set the bar for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to follow the legacy of their ancestor. I would love for my thought processes and actions to evoke freedom within my living relatives and pride within my passed on ancestry. I want us all to live and truly enjoy our lives and not so much living lives in bondage looking forward to an afterlife. I also want to break the chains of religion and promote unity amongst each community to make this world a better place. I want to be that someone that will ALWAYS be remembered. That person whose life nor death will be in vain, but for the edification of my people for years to come.

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to spill my soul for just a little bit on the person in which I am striving to become daily.

    1. Thank you, Alva. I'm inspired and deeply touched by who you are, the dreams you're living, and the beautiful someone you are. I will remember you.

  11. Alva, I enjoyed reading your response. Your words are beautiful and profound. I particularly love that you said you have a "list of dreams." I'm honored to see you grow into adulthood, and continue to wish you wellness. Thanks for sharing young lady. David