Wonder Day 12.1.14

Talking helps. Don't wait if you feel like hurting yourself, tell someone.

I lie, talk back, and yet I call myself a Christian. It's not that I like doing the wrong thing, I just do it. Sometimes I talk back to my parents. I always feel horrible when I do. Sometimes I am good for a week but then I just do it again. I get in fist fights at school. Usually it's just verbal and pushing but I have been in 3 or 4 fist fights. My SAT scores are very high for 7th grade but if I slip up again I probably will be kicked out of school and might not get into a good school. I have had some problems and was depressed for a while. Many times I have wanted to kill myself and I have gotten pretty close to doing it. Now I am better, but I just want to stop screwing up.   - middle school student, Florida

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