Wonder Day 11.4.14 - Alexandra Franzen

I stopped saying YES to projects and commitments that made me feel unhappy and resentful.

How did I do it? One day, I simply decided: Enough.

I just stopped.

Looking back, I suppose I realized that "resentment" is a creativity-killer. It makes me feel grumpy and blocked. As a professional writer, I can't afford to feel that way. It interferes with my quality of life, but also with my work. Resentment... has got to go! So I learned how to say no.

Alexandra Franzen, writing teacher, ghostwriter, author
Image credit: Alexandra Franzen


  1. I'm still working on this. It's getting easier. Thanks for the nudge to keep trying!

  2. So, I've practiced that syllable. Repeatedly. It comes out as a long, keening moan. But I'll get better at it. Here is to the staccato Noes that can fill our lives. (And also to the rat-a-tat joy of Yes.)

  3. Such an important lesson. I have also begun saying no to work or projects that do not serve a real purpose or that drain my energy. How wonderful the world would be if we could all say no without feeling guilty.