Wonder Day 11.3.14 - Wooksang Chang

I made many short animated films. When I worked, I had a goal to be famous.

But my films did not bring me fame.

"Mom," my biggest film project was the most unsuccessful. Most animation festivals didn't accept it. I was upset. I became depressed and ended up in the hospital. I felt like I am not a good director. I felt like I am nothing. And I almost gave up making animation.

One day, I had a chance to make a new film with Benetton. The budget was very small, but I took the job. I was happy that there was a person who needs me as a filmmaker. From this time on, I changed my goal. Instead of working to get fame, I decided to work for the purpose of sharing the pleasantness of life with others.

I finally knew that happiness is not getting from others. Happiness is just around me. Such as my children's smiles, my students' enjoyment of knowing more, my university friendships, and the beauty of nature and art. That type happiness is all I want.

So I accepted Benetton's offer to make a new film and it was shown in Milano, Italia.

Wow, I could not believe what happened. So many people stopped to watch my film even though it is a busy sightseeing area. I saw people enjoy the film and take pictures. 

Seeing others enjoy my work is all I want. And this happened when I decide to create art to share with others.

I still go to the hospital to care for my mental depression. But I am very happy and I am proud of being an animation director, professor, and father.

Wooksang Chang - Korean filmmaker
Image credit: Wooksang Chang, a still from his film made for Benetton. Milano, Italia.


  1. Very touching story.

    "Surrender" is my new mantra. I was used to trying to control the way things went in my life. Now I am learning to live in TRUST that by letting go of that need to control, what is meant for me in my highest good will transpire.

  2. Oh! OHHHHH! A change in goal from seeking success and fame to sharing pleasure! YES! I want to see this filmmaker's work! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the sentence "Happiness is just around me." Despite my circumstances, I do have the opportunity to notice so much beauty and glory.

  4. Something really big shifts in the way the world responds when we are working from a place of service to others rather than looking for our own personal gains. We are rewarded ten fold in ways we would never imagine. What a wonderful story! Thank you Susan for sharing. xoxo

  5. great story - I'd love to see the film! and - changing your over all goal to sharing the "Pleasantness of life to others" is so affirming. Small shifts can make sure a big difference.

  6. What a beautiful story. Kudos to you for making the film and kudos to Benetton for being really really smart and hiring you.

  7. I read this story two days ago and have been sitting with it all this time. It holds such important lessons for me. I, too, have come very close to quitting my passionate work -- in fact, I've given up entirely on writing far too many times to count. But I keep coming back, because of the striking joy and love I find all around me. I love what you say about creating not just for success, but to give a gift to others -- the gift of pleasantness. I love that gift, and I also love the gift of truth. Thank you.

  8. Just gorgeous. Totally inspiring. Thank you.