Wonder Day 11.12.14 - Rachel Awes

the positive change i have made has been to wear clothes that match me. that make me happy. choosing new glasses because they make me giggle. a new scarf because it looks like a gorgeous new friend. + trusting my selections. trusting me.
you can hear me read the following selection called "choosing clothing" here.

"much gets set in motion when i really hear myself. including an evolution of my closet. or maybe it's a revolution. an unrest for all that doesn't fit. for the uncomfortable. for the fashion of someone else. there comes this time when i want my clothes to match me. i want leggings like little girls have. with stripes + flowers. because i adore such freedom of being. i want to draw faces + simple houses with fabric markers on skirts. because i love to draw. in winter i want to put on warm layers + relate to each one. say good morning to the purple + i love you to the orange. because i don't want to be removed from any of it. from any of me. i don't want to miss this chance to really dress up."

(excerpt from the book "all i did was listen" by rachel)

i share this particular change, because it speaks to one that is most integrative for me. the threads of my heart + clothes are interwoven.

won't you join me?
with LOVE, rachel awes

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  1. Fantastic! I'll share this with my mom. She lives a life of "never be afraid of color!"

  2. I love the sense of freedom this provides for you!