Wonder Day 2.20.15 - Suzanne McRae

The change I wish to make in my life is to free myself of what doesn't belong to me or that may be blocking my spiritual evolution.

I want to be free of all the beliefs that I thought were mine but that aren't...

I want to free myself of needing to fix anything or anyone (big one for me)...

I want to unleash the pure essence of my soul and connect that somehow with this human experience I am living and experiencing in this lifetime.

So yep, I'm trying to find myself... or maybe I should say I am finding myself. I have been taking those steps now for more than a decade. At times it feels like I have been neck deep in a pile of darkness like I have this past year. But right now I am just awakening again, and beginning to see that phase of my journey a bit differently. I'm gaining clarity and the pain is dissolving. All this is helping me reconnect in an ever more profound way to that part of me that I wish to connect with, that place that I wish to live my life from.

I realize that I'm not all of these challenges, drama, and chaos that my life has made me believe that I was.

I am not all this shame and guilt that I have carried probably all of my life.

I really wish to transform that energy from those experiences into something incredibly positive that will make a more positive difference in my life, and maybe even in the lives of others I may meet along the way on this journey through life.


  1. Such lovely thoughts. I've been thinking a lot about the beliefs we hold and the damage most if them do...I would like to release these completely too!

  2. What a beautiful journey you are on Suzanne, and may you continue to shine ever-more brightly, ever-more clearly the beautiful unique light that is you.

  3. Thanks for this opportunity Susan, and for having me have me on Wonder Anew. xo

    Deborah Weber... so kind of you. Thank you for the lovely comment. :)

  4. I've always experienced you as a magnificent big-hearted being, Suzanne--may you find ease this year. And Susan, thank you for hostessing!

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey so far! I wish you bravery and courage when the road seems twisted and difficult to travel, your soul will always know the way xxx