Wonder Day - Tara Brach

The ongoing evolution that seems to be happening through this bodymind is an awakening of loving awareness…the more it emerges, the more my prayer is to live from that presence, to “be” that loving. Often that takes the form of seeing our shared vulnerability and holding with care, and seeing the beauty and goodness that lives through all of us.

While the evolution feels like grace (not a self doing something) there seems a natural draw to serving and savoring; to quieting, letting be and to prayer, that this heart and mind continue awakening.  I’m inspired by the following, from the poet Hafiz:

Ask the Friend for love, ask him again.
For I have found that every heart will get what it prays for most.

Tara Brach - meditation teacher, author, and clinical psychologist
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(First published 1.16.14)