Wonder Day 11.17.14 - Emily Jourdan

My name is Emily. I have depression, am an addict, and am working towards living a more serene life with these two things that will likely always have an impact on me. When I have bouts of what I now will call depression, the things that would help me dig out of that lonely place tend to fall by the way side. Those things that help the most are regular attendance at my support group, vigorous exercise, healthy amounts of sleep, early-ish rising, being on time to my commitments, and writing in my journal. I have been in a funk for a while now (funk meaning having more emotionally challenging days than easy days) and have not been fully utilizing my known funk-kicking tools. But today, during a vigorous walk/run, I had a cool thought. What if I asked myself each day, "Emily, what have you done for your depression today?" Have I done at least one good-for-me thing to help stabilize my mood? So far today, even though I don't feel my best, I have walked a few miles, started a healthy dinner for my family, and shared my new trick with you. I don't know if I'll ever feel 100% emotionally all the time, but it feels good walking towards that.  

Emily Jourdan
Image credit: Emily Jourdan

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  1. Thank you for allowing this gentle peak into your hopeful fragile world. May you continue to become your own best friend. Peace and smiles fellow struggler on the path worth walking...